Can You Seek Damages After a Car Accident?

Car accidents are one of the most common reasons people seek out a personal injury attorney. Even seemingly simple car accidents can keep you from working and living your life as you would like. Whether your accident was minor or severe, hiring a car accident lawyer can help you maximize the compensation for your injury claim.

After a car accident, you may face expenses like medical bills, property damage repairs, lost wages from time off work, and more. Understanding the difference between a minor car accident and a serious one can help you decide what kind of compensation to seek in a personal injury claim. If you have sustained injuries or accrued any other expenses for an accident that wasn’t your fault, you deserve payment.

Bringing a lawsuit for a car accident can be complicated and overwhelming. With so much on the line, you should look to trusted legal professionals for counsel and representation. Contact our law firm today at 713-766-3733 to discuss the details of your wreck, and let us help you recover the damages for your injuries.

What Qualifies as a Minor Car Accident?

Minor car accidents usually involve a low impact because they occur at a lower speed. Some minor vehicle damage may have occurred, such as a scrape or small dent on the vehicle. There may be no major injuries resulting from these accidents. However, they can lead to a great deal of pain and suffering.

Many injuries could result from a minor crash, including whiplash, broken bones, headache, dizziness, and stiffness. In most minor car accidents, there is typically no immediate threat to life, although there may be injuries with long-lasting symptoms. Many victims of minor car accidents are in relatively good health after the collision, even if they sustain injuries.

If you have been involved in a minor car accident, you may still wish to seek legal help in bringing the at-fault party to justice. Call us right away if you need assistance following your minor accident.

What Should You Do After a Minor Car Accident?

Because minor car accidents typically involve minor injuries and little to no property damage, many people are unsure which steps to take next. Even minor car accidents can cost victims thousands, so taking the proper steps to bolster your personal injury claim is essential. Failing to report your accident can lead to your claim being denied, forcing you and your family to pay out of pocket for any injuries or damages.

If you have been in a minor car accident, take the following steps:

Call Police Officers

If anyone is injured or the accident caused property damage that amounts to more than $1,000, you are required to call the police. Calling the police also creates a record of the accident that you can use later in your personal injury case.

Gather Evidence of the Crash

Take photos and videos of the accident scene plus any injuries you sustained. Exchange information with the other driver and get their name, phone number, and insurance company information. If there were any witnesses to the crash, note their contact information.

Get Medical Attention

Even minor injuries can cause long-lasting symptoms that require extensive medical treatment. Even if you don’t feel injured now, always seek medical attention from a medical professional after a crash. Keep a record of any medical costs you pay out of pocket to claim them later.

What Does a Severe Car Accident Involve?

Severe car crashes typically include vehicles moving at high speed, hard or multiple impacts, major vehicle damage, and severe injuries or death. Victims of a major car accident could receive numerous injuries, some of which could be life-threatening.

Some common injuries from a severe car accident are:

  • Broken bones
  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • Neck and back injuries
  • Internal organ injuries
  • Whiplash
  • Soft tissue injuries

Many of these injuries can be life-threatening and often lead to long-lasting symptoms, plus extensive medical bills. A skilled car accident lawyer can help you recover the total damage for your pain and suffering, including medical bills, time missed from work, emotional trauma, and more.

What Should You Do After a Severe Accident?

A severe car accident can leave you in a state of shock. Knowing what to do now helps you prepare for the future.

If you have been in a serious accident involving high-speed impacts or multiple collisions, take the following steps:

Call Emergency Services

Injuries after a severe accident can be life-threatening. If you or anyone else is injured, seek emergency medical attention immediately.

Exchange Information With the Other Driver

Get the other driver’s name, phone number, insurance company information, and license plate number to use later.

Contact an Experienced Attorney

An attorney on our team can help you recover damages after a serious accident. Contact us immediately to begin building your case.

Should You Hire Our Car Accident Attorneys?

If you have experienced an accident, even if you think it was minor, you should take care to get yourself and others out of the road and contact emergency personnel. Once you are safe, you should document as much of the scene as possible and exchange information with other parties. Your next step should be to talk with a car accident attorney.

At our law firm, we pursue justice for our clients who have suffered because of someone else’s negligence. This is especially true in car crashes that occur because of irresponsible driving. Let us handle the legal side of your car accident case so you can rest and recover from your injuries. Call Morgan Bourque Attorney at Law today at 713-766-3733 to speak with our excellent legal team and set up a free consultation.