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Have you been accused of a criminal offense in or around Harris County? Facing criminal charges can be an intimidating and confusing experience, especially if you have never before been involved in the criminal justice system. Uncertainty abounds as you likely have no idea what will happen next, how it will affect your personal and professional relationships, and whether you will spend time behind bars and what all the repercussions of that will be.

If you are in this situation or know someone who is, your first order of business and most critical task is to find trusted legal representation. The quality of your legal representation can have a major impact on how favorably or unfavorably your case is handled and resolved. Knowing that going in, you should never trust your freedom and future to someone you believe is not up to the job. At Morgan Bourque Attorney at Law, you can rely on trial-tested attorneys recognized for their excellence as Top Trial Lawyers by the National Trial Lawyers. Our Houston criminal defense attorneys have taken on the most complex and challenging of criminal cases and proven our mettle both inside and outside local courtrooms.

Arrested for a criminal offense in Harris County? Contact a Houston defense attorney at (713) 535-9711 to arrange for a case evaluation of your position and potential options. 

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Criminal Defense Cases We Represent

At Morgan Bourque Attorney at Law, we focus on all types of criminal cases for both adults and juveniles.

These can include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Assault
  • Aggravated assault
  • Arson
  • Boating while intoxicated
  • Domestic violence
  • DWI
  • Drug crimes
  • Juvenile crimes
  • Marijuana crimes
  • Murder
  • Prostitution
  • Sex crimes
  • Theft
  • Weapons charges
  • White-collar crime
  • Post-judgment appeals
  • Expunctions

You may be facing potential jail or prison time, heavy fines, long probation periods, or other court-ordered sanctions specific to the offense such as loss of your driver’s license, a restraining order, drug or alcohol education or testing, or more. These are only the criminal penalties you will suffer. Any conviction will also result in a permanent criminal record that may or may not qualify for an expungement and can negatively affect your future. Any routine background check can turn up a criminal record to a future employer, landlord, professional licensing agency, or educational institution as well as cause immigration problems for noncitizens.

What Do Criminal Defense Lawyers Do?

Ultimately, the goal of a criminal defense lawyer in Houston is to defend their client’s rights and speak on their behalf throughout the case. This can include performing a variety of different responsibilities. When you hire a professional defense lawyer to represent you in a criminal case, they may help you with the following:

  • Investigating the Charges - Your defense attorney in Houston will begin by looking at the criminal charges that have been brought against you and determining if there has been any violation of your rights leading up to this point. For example, if evidence against you was obtained illegally, or if the arresting officers failed to administer your Miranda Rights, your attorney may be able to have the charges against you dismissed.
  • Building a Case - Your defense lawyer will also help to build your defense by gathering evidence to help disprove the charges against you. This could include re-testing evidence, gathering witnesses, and examining the law as it applies to your exact situation.
  • Keeping You Informed - Your defense attorney can also help to keep you informed about the developments in your case and what your legal options are as things move forward. This is especially important if you are incarcerated during this period. 
  • Jury Selection - As your defense attorney, your lawyer will have the opportunity to help select jury members for when your case goes to trial. This can have a direct impact on the results of your case and it’s up to your attorney to ensure you have an impartial jury.
  • Negotiating Plea Bargains - In some cases you and your defense attorney may agree that it’s in your best interest to plead guilty to a lesser charge in order to avoid a more serious conviction. Your attorney will be the one to negotiate that deal on your behalf.
  • Representing You in Court - Your attorney is also responsible for arguing your case before a judge and jury when the time comes. This involves presenting evidence, cross-examining the prosecution’s witnesses, and addressing the jury on your behalf.
  • Negotiating Sentencing - If you end up being convicted and receive a sentence, your Houston defense lawyer can still fight to get you a lighter sentence and sometimes even help you avoid jail time.

At the end of the day, your criminal defense attorney’s job is to represent you and to work to obtain a result that is in your best interests when you are faced with criminal charges.

Let Us Protect Your Rights & Future Today

Because of all of the associated penalties of any criminal conviction, you need to fight back with a hard-hitting defense. Our firm excels at taking on such cases and using our years of experience, extensive knowledge, and honed legal skills in seeking an optimum result for you. Whether through seeking a case dismissal, reduction of charges or penalties, or other positive result, we will stand behind you with a one-hundred percent effort. The sooner you call, the sooner we can begin protecting your legal rights and building a legal strategy unique to the particulars of your case.

Learn more about how our criminal defense attorney in Houston can help by contacting our legal team at (713) 535-9711 or online today

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