Why are Sex Crimes so Complex?

Facing sex crime charges can be stressful and embarrassing. These cases are often complex because they are based on he-said and she-said scenarios and are challenging to prove in either direction. The impact that a sex crime charge can have on your life is severe, especially if you do not have a professional representing you. Convictions can lead to fines, penalties, jail time, and registration on the sex offenders list. Plus, the damage to your reputation can impact your career and your social life for years to come.

When you have been charged with a sex crime, you deserve the confidence of having legal defense for sex crime charges in The Woodlands fighting on your side. Call Morgan Bourque Attorney at Law today to see how we can help you beat your sex crime charges at 713-766-3733. We are experienced in defending our clients and protecting their rights, even in the most complicated cases.
Here are seven reasons you need to hire a sex crime attorney for your case.

1. An Attorney Will Thoroughly Investigate Your Case

Our attorneys have a great deal of experience investigating and finding details that support our clients. We will dedicate our time and effort to uncovering evidence on your behalf to help you avoid the devastating consequences of a sex crime conviction.

Gathering evidence and taking witness statements will help bolster your case and could potentially protect you from facing jail time.

2. Sex Crimes are Difficult to Prove

Sex crimes are often difficult to prove because of the nature of the crime. The alleged actions usually occur without witnesses or evidence, so the judge must decide based on the testimony of the individuals involved and other witnesses. Our attorneys are dedicated to finding the right details that prove your innocence. We will gather photos, videos, and physical evidence to bolster your case. We will also talk to witnesses of the alleged crime to help you dodge accusations.

3. Skilled Attorneys Use Expert Witnesses

Choosing the right witnesses is critical in sex crimes cases because there is often limited physical evidence. Character witnesses can convince the judge and jury that the crime does not match your usual behavior and often helps people win their sex crime case. As your attorneys, our team can reach out to multiple witnesses and take their statements. If your case goes to trial, we can request these witnesses to appear in court and give statements to bolster your case.

There is always a chance that someone has misidentified you and is wrongly accusing you of a crime or confusing you with someone else. If you have been wrongly accused of a crime you did not commit, contact our experienced team right away.

4. Attorneys Can Introduce Reasonable Doubt

In the United States, the burden is on the prosecution to prove that you committed the crime. If there is a reasonable doubt, this could lead to a reduction or even dismissal of your charges. A skilled attorney on our team can present the facts that show doubt about your involvement in the sex crime.

If the jury has even a slight doubt that you committed a crime, they are instructed not to find you guilty. Our team will introduce that doubt to help you avoid the devastating consequences of a sex crime conviction.

5. Experienced Attorneys Can Prove Consent

Often, our attorneys can show that the alleged victim consented to the sexual act so that no crime was committed. Even if your partner revoked consent after the fact, our team can help prove that consent was given in the first place. This is common during sexual acts where one or both parties are inebriated. If your sex partner gave consent but denies it later, contact our office to see how we can help.

6. Penalties for Sex Crimes are Severe

Another reason to hire an attorney is that sex crime penalties are so severe. A conviction could lead to years in prison and a lifelong sex offender registration, impacting your ability to live and work where you want. Plus, sex offender registry records are public, meaning anyone can look up your name, address, and photo anytime. With our team on your side, we can help you avoid these devastating penalties that can potentially follow you around for life.

7. Your Attorney Can Guide You on Minimizing Harm on Your Reputation

Finally, the effects of a sex crime conviction go beyond legal ramifications and may also harm your personal and social life. Being labeled a sex offender can prevent you from dating, working, and even living as you would like.

Our team can assist you in defending your reputation or minimizing the impact the accusations may have. Because we are experienced in sex crime cases, we know precisely how to handle harassment and libel from your local community members.

Should You Hire Our Sex Crime Attorneys?

Sex crimes are serious, and the penalties for a conviction can be severe. Fines, fees, and jail time are just some of the potential legal ramifications. Registering as a sex offender and taking a hit on your reputation can impact your life for the rest of time. You deserve an experienced team on your side to defend your case and minimize the impact these allegations have on your life.

Please don’t feel like you have to go through this challenging time alone. With so much at stake, you shouldn’t take any risks by hiring inexperienced attorneys. Call Morgan Bourque Attorney at Law today at 713-766-3733. Our attorneys will review your case and provide you with legal advice and a path forward.