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What Is Alimony?

Alimony is a monetary payment from one spouse to another following a divorce. It usually supports a standard of living established during the time of the marriage. 

Ostensibly, alimony is there to keep one party from struggling. In a divorce, one spouse generally makes more money than the other. The lower-earning spouse comes to rely on a certain income. If the marriage abruptly ends and cuts off that income, this spouse could become destitute.

Alimony is a factor in most divorces, and it can produce a host of challenges because it exposes your life and livelihood. Effective representation by The Woodlands alimony attorneys at Morgan Bourque Attorney at Law can mitigate the risk of getting stuck with exorbitant payments. You need a straight shooter who will give you honest answers and fight for your rights in court.

As the attorney of record in several Texas court rulings on divorce and alimony, Morgan Bourque uses his knowledge and experience to find the solutions that will work best for you. A former prosecutor, his career has proven successful on both sides of the courtroom, and it demonstrates that he understands the art of negotiation. While settling divorce and alimony-related matters is often the preferred method of resolution, Mr. Boruque’s courtroom experience uniquely positions him as one of Texas’ most skilled litigators who will go to trial if necessary for family law issues.

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Determining Alimony Support Payments  IN TEXAS

Will Spousal Support Be Awarded in My Divorce?

A judge will consider several factors when determining the amount of alimony, including:

  • Duration of the marriage
  • Standard of living during the marriage
  • Child custody and responsibilities to minors 
  • Both parties’ sources of income and financial resources
  • Earning capacities, vocational skills, and educational levels of both parties
  • and more.

Your need to pay spousal support relies on these factors. For instance, if your spouse is injured or ill, the court may assume that they cannot secure work or independence. Therefore, you can assume that spousal support will become part of your overall divorce ruling.

Everyone wants to protect their assets from a soon-to-be former spouse. Alimony payments can drain you financially and emotionally, but they can be limited by the right alimony lawyer in The Woodlands, TX.

How Much Alimony Will I Pay in Texas?

Generally, courts make alimony rulings on a case-by-case basis. If, for example, both spouses are young and well-educated, support could be low. For longer marriages where employment will be an issue, support will be higher.

Texas, however, does cap alimony payments. According to the law, alimony can be either:

  • $5,000 a month
  • 20% of the payor’s monthly gross income

Courts will pick whichever amount is smaller.

When Can I Stop Paying Alimony in Texas?

At the basic level, the length of the marriage determines the duration of spousal support.

  • For marriages between 10 and 20 years, support lasts for 5 years.
  • For marriages between 20 and 30 years, support lasts for 7 years.
  • For marriages over 30 years, support lasts for 10 years.

Other factors can affect the length of support. These are usually tied to allegations during the divorce. For instance, a spouse suspected of domestic violence or hiding assets may need to pay more money or pay for a longer period.

Our firm can help you fight unfair, unfounded accusations in your divorce. We have the skills to investigate your case and gather the appropriate evidence to help prove your innocence.

Drafting an Alimony Agreement in Texas

The Woodlands alimony attorneys can guide you through the complexities of matrimonial law proceedings. We will help draft your alimony agreement to determine:

  • Duration
  • Proper use
  • The monetary amounts
  • Terms that could nullify the agreement
  • and more.

What Does Alimony Pay For?

Generally, spousal support helps maintain the lives of each spouse. Divorcees can expect some dip in lifestyle, but neither spouse should, for instance, go from upper class to lower middle class. Therefore, alimony pays for anything that keeps each spouse within their accustomed existence. These expenses can include anything from basic necessities to luxury items, depending on the circumstances.

A good spousal support ruling should not leave one spouse scraping by while the other lives in excess. Our firm can help negotiate for a reasonable level of support, and, if necessary, we will help you take the matter to court.

Protecting Your Best Interests in Your Alimony Case

With over 50 years of collective experience, The Woodlands alimony lawyers understand how intimidating the divorce process can seem. We are prepared to fight for your rights when tackling these matters, as well as less complicated divorce and mediation cases, in order to achieve the best possible outcome.

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