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Representation for Murder, Manslaughter & Capital Murder Charges in TX

In 2016, Texas authorities made 997 arrests related to murder and manslaughter – that’s more than two each day for the year. The majority of arrests involved non-negligent acts, meaning intent was proven or suspected. In connection with these arrests, alleged offenders often face other serious charges, such as weapons, burglary, drug abuse violations, and aggravated assault. Police are cracking down on people who take the lives of others, and if arrested, will prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law.

When faced with a murder or manslaughter charge or arrest, the future suddenly becomes uncertain. Remain calm and silent, and hire a homicide attorney who has successfully defended against these life-changing claims. Look no further than Morgan Bourque Attorney at Law.

Attorney Morgan Bourque believes that every accused Texan deserves a fair trial. As a former prosecutor, Morgan tried hundreds of murder and manslaughter charges. Now as a leading The Woodlands homicide lawyer, he stands out in the legal community for achieving acquittals and reduced charges in the most complex cases. He has demonstrated where inaccurate claims, mishandled evidence (or lack thereof) and unreliable eyewitness accounts can influence homicide charges.


Without proper representation, defendants are AT RISK OF FACING:


  • Lengthy prison terms, including life imprisonment without parole
  • Capital punishment (the death penalty)
  • Thousands – if not millions – of dollars in liability fines and fees
  • Unwanted media attention
  • Public shaming, and more.

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Texas Homicide Laws

In Texas, homicide means that one person kills another individual, whether knowingly, intentionally, or with criminal negligence.

The state recognizes six types of criminal homicide:

  • capital murder
  • murder
  • manslaughter
  • criminally negligent homicide

What is the Definition of Murder in Texas?

Murder is defined as the purposeful killing of someone else, attempting to cause serious injury and committing a dangerous act that results in death, or committing or attempting to commit a felony and killing another person during the commission or attempt to commit a felony. This type of murder is considered a first-degree felony, which carries a maximum prison sentence of 99 years or life imprisonment.

What is Capital Murder?

Capital murder means knowingly or intentionally killing a law enforcement official or firefighter who is on duty, committing murder while committing or attempting to commit robbery, burglary, kidnapping, arson, aggravated sexual assault, retaliation, obstruction, or terrorist threat, killing more than one person, killing a minor under six years old, or committing a murder for hire. This type of murder is a capital felony, punishable by life imprisonment without parole or the death penalty.

What Constitutes Manslaughter in Texas?

Manslaughter is defined as recklessly causing another person’s death. This offense is a second-degree felony, which carries a maximum 20-year prison term.

Texas Criminally Negligent Homicide

In Texas, criminally negligent homicide means causing taking another person’s life by acting in a criminally negligent manner, such as accidental killings not considered manslaughter. This type of homicide is a state jail felony, which carries a state jail sentence between 180 days and two years.

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